Scott Preston Smith

Scott Preston Smith was born in Birmingham,

Alabama. Being raised as a true Southerner

and inspired by his grandmother, Scott

developed a passion for cooking at an early

age. Venturing out and gaining extensive

experience in both French and Italian kitchens,

Scott keeps returning to his heritage and passion, "where the air is as warm as the people

and the food is as essential to family

gatherings as butter is to cornbread."



Kara McClendon Bacchi

Kara McClendon Bacchi was also born in Birmingham, Alabama. She travelled the world, living for 5 years abroad, in Italy but after experiencing the European lifestyle, she was drawn back to the South. She found the Buttermilk Hill location, and fell in love with it. Also raised as a true Southerner, Kara has a deep appreciation for old world charm, and Southern hospitality. Managing the Dining Room and Bar, she strives to give all Buttermilk Hill customers warm, friendly, but impeccable service.